Breeding and The Bloodstock Industry


The sale of breeding stock in the form of foals, in-foal broodmares, empty broodmares and fillies for breeding (excluding yearling sales) generates a turnover in the UK alone of well over £200 million p.a.

The principal European breeding stock sale at Tattersalls (Newmarket) in November/December is supplemented by Goffs in Ireland and Arqana in France.  In Lexington Kentucky the enormous Keeneland November Sale - serving international buyers as well as the U.S. domestic market - generates far greater revenue still.  Japan has an internationally notable sale of foals in Hokkaido in July and Australia, New Zealand and South Africa offer trade in stock on the Southern Hemisphere cycle.

Mares & foals in South Africa

Allan Bloodlines is represented at these events, managing sales and making purchases for individual investors, groups and overseas clients seeking to stock up with choice bloodlines.

The year-round activities of the breeding industry follow an intertwined cycle of mating studies and selections, commercial negotiation of stallion contracts, boarding farm selection, veterinary monitoring of mares for optimum conception conditions and caring for the mares until - all going well - the foal arrives under close human supervision. Gestation is approximately 11 months.

Some six months after birth, the foal will leave the mare prior to sale preparation soon afterwards (foal/weanling sales) or to grow for sale as a yearling, or sometimes direct placement into training. In the meantime, the mare should again be carrying the next generation thus sustaining the breeding cycle.

Allan Bloodlines provides breeding consultancy and management for commercial and hobby breeders, hands-off financial investors and international breeders seeking to upgrade their stock over time.