The thoroughbred racehorse gives us so much......

Fathom Five wins again for Hintlesham Thoroughbreds, our cost effective Racing Club

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Half a ton of beautiful equine athleticism!  Racehorses provide the greatest of thrills both in training and when carrying the owner's colours on the racecourse. Over 14,000 of them in the UK alone are at the heart of an industry that is the 7th largest employer of people and populates "another world" to which Allan Bloodlines can provide a ticket.

A pure sport? Yes.

Action, lifestyle and maximum enjoyment

An exotic "super hobby" providing new friends and experiences? Yes.

A ticket to another world

A financial "punt"? It can be.

No guarantees at all of a return - but any profit is tax-free

Creating a breeding animal? Yes, you can.

Race a filly with a good pedigree then breed from her

Go racing or follow from wherever you are on TV? Yes.

Suit yourself

Association with a magnificent creature whom you may name and enjoy? Yes, undoubtedly.

The proverbial four-legged friend

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